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8th amendment

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The 8th amendment is related with the continuation of the United States Constitution and it is parts of the United States Bill of Rights. This constitution is created for the civil of the United States. This amendment was ratified on 15th December 1791. By this 8th amendment, it is prohibiting the federal government of USA from imposing excessive fines, excessive bail, or excessive charges or fees or cruel and unusual punishment. This amendment was created as English Bill of Rights of 1689. This 8th amendment is also found in Ireland for providing the right to the general people of the Ireland. However, in this article, we will learn about the 8th amendment of the United States Constitution.

If anyone is found in criminal activity or guilty, then he or she may not be treated politely. Even other civil people and government and non-government organization do not show them respect. Those criminal gets bad behavior and get excess bail charge without any specific reason. By the 8th amendment, these people are saved from cruel behavior from the government organizations. They need not pay the excess bill, excess fine, and unusual punishments. These people can save themselves from the tortures or cruel activities from the government authorities.

The 8th amendment is related to the concept of the criminals. This amendment forces the government organizations not to take excessive charge from criminals as a punishment. Even it is found that some government organization put the excessive charge against the criminal when they are at the point of death. This is one type of way to harass or punish those criminals but those are not related to the government rules and regulation. Those excessive fees and charges are not related to the illegal affairs. All things are done by the legal system or by the court. People had to bear illegal affair under legal shade. No one could raise voice against it. By the blessings of the 8th amendment, it is possible to stop the legal injustice.

According to the 8th amendment, it is put that the fine or charge should accurate or related with the activity. For simple cases like wrong parking, any government organization cannot impose a thousand-dollar charge. If any person wants to get bail, then he needs put some amount and if follows all rules properly, then he will get back the money. The 8th amendment is created against the cruet punishment what is imposed by the government organizations. As before excessive change was put according to the law, so people cannot do anything else against the law or court.

This problem is also found in the England a long time ago. There people got punishment like sentenced to imprisonment for doing the small criminal activity. In the 8th amendment of USA constitution, the overall excessive activity is divided into few different parts like excessive bail and excessive fines. These two problems are common problems in the USA government organization. The organizations of the USA government were doing the problem for a long time.

The excessive bail was one of the punishments of the USA government organization for the people. The excessive bail problem was also available in England. In England, the excessive bail charge was imposed on the suspects. Then it was ways to show the power. The excessive bail in England went worst. The court can keep any imprisoned person without bail although the person is just a suspect. But it was permitted to bail the offenses. It was held by the Habeas Corpus Act 1679. If anyone got bail but judges were imposed excessive impracticable amounts which were just a tortured.

The excessive bail was demolished by the English Bill of Rights of 1689. According to this rule, the excessive bail ought not to be required”. This law was created following the distinction between bailable and non-bailable offenses. In the English Bill of Rights, there were some rules and conditions what were necessary to follow to get the facility. In the 8th amendment, it was clearly mentioned about the excessive bill. In the 8th amendment, it is said that the figure of the bail is higher than the reasonable calculation. The bail charge should be accurate according to the case. The bail charge cannot be excessive based on the case.

The excessive fine is another related mater of the punishment. Supreme court put the excessive change or excessive fine. There are many cases found what held before in the USA against large companies. So, it was necessary to fix the issue and give people comfort. Except for excessive bail and excessive fees, the court also put illegal punishment in the USA. There are many other countries where such problem is also found. In Ireland and some other countries, you will get an excessive fine and excessive charge bill. Cruel and Unusual Punishment is another point of the problems what fixed in the 8th amendment.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment was another cruel activity. It was a notorious part of the USA court and it is the famous part of the 8th amendment. Before the court imposed the serious and cruel type of punishment. That is why it was necessary to stop the cruel punishment from the court. The cruel punishments were burning alive, cutting off their hands, whipping people, putting someone’s eye out, or locking people in stocks. drawing and quartering. In the 8th amendment, some punishment was demolished and those punishments are torture, drawing and quartering, burning alive, and taking away a person’s U.S. citizenship.

The death penalty was another cruel part. Some innocent people got the punishment in this way. The death penalty was imposed for the serious criminal activities like murder or drug smuggling or other serious crimes. This penalty was not protected by the 8th amendment. There are many countries where Death penalty is found and it is imposed for the serious offense of murder or drug smuggling. Many people want to demolish the death penalty from every country including the USA. There is another punishment is found in the USA and that is Corporal Punishment in Schools. Lethal Injection is also a method of the Death penalty. It is just a controversy matter. In many places of USA, it is forbidden. The death penalty for the rape is permitted in many countries. Majority people support Death penalty for the case of rape of a woman.

The Corporal Punishment in Schools punishment is currently a ban in many states of the USA but it should be ban by law. If the Corporal Punishment in Schools becomes demolish completely. In USA constitutes the 8th amendment can demolish some laws and it is necessary to review the 8th amendment to launch perfect constitutions.

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