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7th amendment

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The 7th amendment or The Seventh Amendment (Amendment VII) is the part of the United States Constitution. This constitution is one of the Bill of Rights. In this constitution, some old laws have been fixed. This is just a revised constitution and the earlier version was created first in 1789 by James Madison. In that time, James Madison created some other amendments. In this 7th amendment, the Anti-Federalist is fixed. In this amendment, you will get everything related to the civil or citizen’s right. By the amendment, state cases involving federal law, the federal cases and to review of state cases by federal courts are revised. The 7th amendment is used for giving the right to a jury trial for each individual of the USA Citizen.

The 7th amendment is directly related to the Bill of Rights. This amendment was never blockage of incorporated. It is almost used for finding the fact for the civil cases, state cases involving federal law, federal cases and giving the right to the civil.  The review was held on this amendment in 1812. That review was known as “Historical test”. The amendment’ twenty-dollar threshold is not related to the judicial or scholarly writing. This “Historical test” is based on some English common laws.

There are many problems found in the 7th amendment’s previous versions and this is why it is necessary to review the same laws and members of the reviewer try to fix all law related weakness from the amendment. By this 7th amendment, any civil gets the right to a jury trial for any civil case more than $20. The bill was created in 1789 and then it was created on the right for the civil of assets of $20. As the amendment was old and now the same assets of 20$ price are higher, so it is necessary to change or review the amendment.

In the amendment, the value of the assets was controversial and for this reason, it is necessary to fix the value of the assets. The juries of the review of the amendment reexamined the amendment for any court of the United States based on the common laws of the USA. Later the value of the assets raised to $75000. If the value of the assets is less than the value $75000, then the court will not handle the case under this amendment. By the court will examine the case first for identifying the value of the assets.

The laws of the 7th amendment used by the large companies against to the civil. Those large companies are big corporations, big insurance companies, big banks and their lobbyists. Those companies started to add additional charges and insurance claim. Even some companies started selling dangerous products and drugs. The large companies started to get higher benefit in illegal ways. The review of the 7th amendment helps to fix the issue and with the 7th amendment review, you will get the right of the civil. The weakness of the 7th amendment is necessary to fix and restore the right of the civil.

In the 7th amendment, the $20-dollar clause is the main issue what is necessary to change and fix. It is related to the right of the civils and general law. There are in many ways the civil get infected by the large companies. If the 7th amendment was not reviewed properly, the general people would be tortured. The large companies add different languages and add bank statement to take you from the right a jury trial. Some companies did not let you claim to ask for the small claims and you would get some other consumers who were suffering from the same problem.

Some companies forced you to travel long distance if you wanted to claim any benefit or you wanted to receive any claim. Sometimes it found that consumers had to follow very strict rules if they wanted to get any offer or claim. Following those rules were not very easy. It found consumer bored by filling the long form with long terms and condition. The companies tried to make the limit of the damage what you could recover. With the 7th amendment review, it was difficult to help the consumers. No government agencies could help you to solve the issues. Even some top government agencies Food and Drug Administration became ineffective in many cases. Those companies contribute a huge amount to the politicians to protect those companies by the enacting laws. So, no political party discusses the same issue.

The big companies did not give importance to those matters or problems of the civils related with the companies. They showed that those were not matters or a big deal. They said the consumers to do sue against them and those companies knew that the consumers would not get any support from the court or by any law. So, they had an attitude of dam care.

But by the 7th amendment, many problems related with the civil changed. Consumers now get help from the court and laws. Consumers do sue against companies and get law supports. Large companies are bound to get support and give benefit to the consumers without any delay and harassing the civil. All most everything has become easier by the 7th amendment. The consumers have to do application if he wants to get any benefit from the court or get law support but there are some steps to do the application for the support according to the 7th amendment.

Now learn how and when to apply for the support of the 7th amendment. There are 4 criteria what you need to follow to have a trial heard by a jury.

  • The consumer must not claim under criminal claim. He or she should be claimed under Civil claim. The consumer should specific the amount of loss for getting compensation.
  • The claim should base on the federal law in federal court. The main reason is to get the right from the civil case.
  • The price of the product should be over $20. Once this amount was decent money.
  • The lawsuit should be claimed under the law of 1791. If your case is not supported by English common law of 1791, then you cannot fill the case or get help from the court.

If you want to get supports from the court, then you need to respect the juries and it is one of the clauses of the 7th Amendment. According to the 7th Amendment for some cases, juries’ decisions are final and you cannot argue against those cases. The decision of the Juries’ can be invalid if the decision is biased. During the trial, you cannot contact with any media or relatives. However, many things you will get under 7th Amendment.


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