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3rd amendment

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The 3rd amendment is the part of the bill of right of US constitution. The Amendment is a formal change of the constitution, law, contract and legal documentation. The change of the constitution, law, contract and legal documentation depends on the legal matters. By the amendment, it is possible to fix the document and make the document appropriate. It is necessary to make the constitution, law, contract and legal documentation correct. The constitution can be changed by the government. In the USA, there are many amendments where it is reviewed by the government and made the amendments proper. The 3rd amendment is one of the partss of the bill of right.

The 3rd amendment is the constitution of the of United States and this constitution is related to the bill of right. The bill of rights are the constitutions of the rights of civil. The 3rd amendment is one right of the constitution. According to the 3rd amendment’s text, “No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law”. The text of the 3rd amendment is not very difficult and it is to understand. The main thing of the 3rd amendment is that no soldier shall be quartered or stayed in any house in time of peace without permission of the owner or in the time of the war.

The 3rd amendment is the restriction of the access of army of United States. According to the United State constitution, if the anyone breaks the constitution and does not show respect, then he will receive punishment and the punishment can be for the government employees or political leader. However, the 3rd amendment of the US constitution is the copy of the Quartering Acts of the British parliament. This act was passed by the British parliament during the American Revolutionary War. In this Quartering Acts or Britain constitution, British army cannot cottage soldiers in the private resident area.

The US constitution the 3rd amendment was developed in 1789 by the James Madison. He added the constitution with the Bill of the right of USA. This amendment was the answer of the Anti-federalist of the objection to the new constitution. This amendment is not also proper constitution and it is also a controversial constitution. Although the controversial of the constitution is not huge of amendment 3.  It is rarely prosecuted. American bar association renames the 3rd amendment. They call this amendment to “Runt Piglet” of the U.S Constitution. This constitution is not developed on the primary basis of the Supreme Court decision.

The 3rd amendment is also built for the privacy of the private home owner. No one can access anyone’s home without any permission. Even Soldiers cannot take entry of any one’s home at the peace or war time. So, the general people feel comfort from the soldiers’ unrestricted access to the home. People will not face trouble by the own army. The 3rd amendment prohibited or put the restriction of access at private home or property. If the owner gives consent to take entry to the home, then those troops can take entry to the home. We know the at the time of the war no rule or constitute is followed by any troop. According to the 3rd amendment, if any troop wants to do access the home forcefully, then he will get punishment for breaking the law and breaking the privacy of the person.

The 3rd amendment has also lacked and that lacking has created the debate for the U.S. constitution. At the peace time, there are no barracks in the town and then it is not permitted to access anyone’s home. At the peace time, other law  troops  work in the whole country. According to the 3rd amendment, the army cannot quarter in the private house but they can also quarter in the public house.  The privacy of the public house will be hampered by the 3rd amendment. Now army can forcefully take entry to the public home at the peace time also. In this case, what the general people will do. Not everybody can hire the barns for them.

The troops are forbidden to take entry or quarter themselves according to the Act of the parliament. If they cannot quarter themselves in any home, then what they will do in that town. They should leave the town as soon as possible. Otherwise, they can attack the home against the Act of the parliament. General people resist them by the law of their side. All of those things force the court and government people to review the amendment and it is necessary to fix it. Make sure that one amendment does not become a barrier for another amendment.

The 3rd amendment is connected between restriction and quartering troops and managing the liberty. The bill of the right is uncontroversial against the quartering troops. It is also found that, in the modern time, soldiers do not quarter in the private homes. So, this amendment is current obsolete for the current time. It is necessary to review the 3rd amendment. People have the right to secure their own home and family. They cannot let any legal department to access their home without any permission and without any warrant, the legal authority cannot search another home. If they do this, then it will be a violation of the act. We will learn about this in the 4th amendment.

By the 3rd amendment act, the troop has limited power and they cannot use their power for checking someone’s home although they know that someone or something is in the home which is illegal. Some troops do not like this amendment because they cannot work properly. In some circumstances, law troops do not need any permission to arrest or search at home sometimes. Even they do not need to use a warrant for a search in special cases at the war time. If the person is suspect, then the officer of the law troop needs to give reasonable cause to arrest and searching the home.

No law can hamper privacy of anyone. It is necessary to show some respect to private home dwellers. If privacy is hampered by the government people of anyone’s home, then they will face problem according to the law. People should study about the law and amendments or bill of right to get benefit from the amendment. There are many websites where they can learn about the amendments. The 3rd amendment may not be applicable always. The 3rd amendment works only in the war time.




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