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2nd amendment

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The 2nd amendment is another important part of the Bill of rights and before we start talking about the 2nd amendment we need to know the definition of the amendment. The word amendment means a formal change in the law, contract, legal documents and constitutions. After review of the contract, law, legal documents, and constitutions; if any problem is found, then an amendment is necessary to fix the problem. By the amendment, it is possible to add, change or remove any clause from the agreement. It assumes that by the amendment the problems will be fixed and the changes will bring better. Everything is done by the law of the government or under law.

The 2nd amendment is a special amendment and this amendment is created for the civil for their security. By this amendment, the government wants to ensure the protection for the people. Under this second amendment, people can keep or bear arms and use it if it is necessary. This amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791. There are total ten amendments of the “Bill of rights” and this 2nd amendment is also part of those amendments. The Supreme Court of the United States gives the right to every people to keep the gun and Supreme Court of the United States want to ensure that ruled that the right belongs to individuals. But people cannot miss using the arm.

According to the law of the 2nd amendment, people can keep firearms or similar devices with them as a self-defense. It is restricted by the State and local governments. This amendment is developed based on the English Bill of Rights of 1689. Sir William Blackstone. From the English Bill of Rights of 1689. Sir William Blackstone, the partial idea was taken. The English Bill of Rights of 1689. Sir William Blackstone is used for resistance to oppression, supporting the natural rights of self-defense, auxiliary right and the civic duty to get defense. In 1939 by the rules of United States v. Miller, it is said that the federal government and the states can control the right of bearing the arms. They can control the type of the arms which is important for misuse of the arms.

The State and local governments do not give every people to bear the arms. It is necessary to have the correct reason to keep the gun. If the person cannot show the correct reason, then he will not be provided any kind of firearms. If the State and local governments do not impose any barrier, then the problem can worse and it may happen that in future the situation can be uncontrolled. Permission of restriction by the State and local governments is also part of the 2nd amendment. This amendment became a part of the debate over gun control and gun right. Many organizations and many civil people wanted government controls the both things. Otherwise, the situation can be worse by the miss use. By the State and local governments, USA government started to control both gun control and gun right.

Some people say that 2nd amendment is not like that as it is. The 2nd amendment is the method of making people ready for the war. USA government raising the army by the 2nd amendment. These general people who bear the arms can fight against the foreign troops if it is necessary. Because they have a gun and they know how to use the arms. So, it is easy for USA government to fight against the enemy by the non-troops. Some people say that the 2nd amendment is used for other purposes like if any critical situation occurs in the USA like sudden invasions or other emergencies and government cannot trust on the militia, then ordinary people can use their own arms and try to control the situation. The government will get unpaid military without any training.

Some people are against the 2nd amendment. By the 2nd amendment, many general people are empowered instead of the military organization. Other people oppose the argument the latest military organizations are much powerful and expert in their duty. So, a civilian cannot stand against those military group with the simple guns. If they stand before the army with the household gun, then it will be like a suicide. Another option is militaries are professionally trained. It is very hard for the general people to stop those armies. However, later some rules were changed and government ban bearing the gun in some places or restricted areas. People cannot bear gun in the schools, colleges, and universities or government buildings. Even in many public places, it is also restricted to carry gun. However, many people do not honor the law of the government and they carry and use the gun in the school or government places. The USA government should aware about this law.

It is assumed that carrying is similar to the freedom of speech. This amendment was created for the protection of the people. The clause of the 2nd amendment can be used by the wrong person. Many criminals can carry the gun. He has got unrestricted access to guns. By the 2nd amendment, it is also permitted to carry the nuclear weapon if it is necessary. Because by the 2nd amendment, use of the gun has been expanded although state and local government may control the law but that is not enough at all. It is necessary to review the 2nd amendment to fix some issues.

According to the 2nd amendment, it is necessary to have reasonable right to bear the gun. If the person cannot show the right or correct reason of bearing the gun, the person does not get the license to bear or use the gun. USA things that controlling gun is their modern thought. The government has applied some rules and regulation for bearing arms and use of it. A wide range of the use and bearing gun may violate the peace of society. Now the constitution of the USA gives some rules for bearing the gun as “reasonable” gun laws.

It seems government is unable to provide security for the citizen and by the 2nd amendment, the want to do this but they became failed. Now the place of banning is increasing by the government. People cannot take the gun national parks, bars, post offices, and college campuses. If they are found to carry guns in those places, then they will get punishment. Another argument stands for the restriction. Police have the power to check and search pedestrians and motorists for the gun. There are many things ban in the Public place. People cannot use the street as their private home and they cannot use it as they like.

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