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The amendment is a way of fixing anything legally. Usually, the amendment is the legal way of correction in the legal paper, legal documentation, contract, constitution. If anything is necessary to add or remove, the amendment is the only option. By adding an article in the legal paper, it is possible to bring any change in the amendment. According to the law, when an amendment is created, then no word will be removed from the legal paper, contract or constitution. By adding clause or article, the purpose of the adding or removing statement can be done. The 20th amendment is a major part of the constitution of the United States.
The 20th amendment or Twentieth Amendment (Amendment XX) is the part of the United States constitution. This amendment was developed for the beginning and ending of the terms of the president and vice president after winning the vote and the term starts from 4th March to 20th January, and of the members of Congress from 4th March to 3rd January. In this amendment, it also said about the provisions of no president will be elected at that time. The 20th amendment was approved on 23rd January 1933. In this amendment, it is also said that if the president or vice president died in any case, then how to select a person for that vacancy.
In the 20th amendment, there are total 6 sections and those 6 sections talked about the method of choosing the election process, term, president and vice president related matters. In the 1st section, it is described the terms of the president and vice president after the wining in the vote. In the 2nd section, the term was fixed for the meeting which will be assembled by the congress. In the 3rd section, it was discussed the term of the president and if the president and vice president died then how to fulfil the vacancy. In this section, there is more information put for the election and selection process which related with the president and vice president. The section 4 describes the death of the House of Representatives and then what and how to fill-up the vacancies. If a senate dies, the vice president chooses another senate for that position. Section 5 is the term of the implementation of section 1 and 2. The 15th day of the October, the section and section 2 will be approved. The section 6 and it is the last section of the 20th amendment. In this section, it is described the terms of the amendment approval based on the legislatures of three fourths of some states.
This amendment is very important and necessary for the US constitution. But this amendment has background what are necessary to know. Before establishing this amendment, the congress followed Article I, Section 4, Clause 2 of the constitution of the state. According to theses constitution, it was compulsory to meet at least once per year and the day was 1st Monday in December. Then it was fixed about the set of the duration of the terms of the federal election but the date was not fixed for ending the terms. The specific date was not specified for the beginning and ending.
In 1788, after the required in the 9 states had sanctioned the Constitution and then the Congress of the Association set the date March 4, 1789, as the date “for commencing proceedings” for the reorganization of the government newly. But the new congress and admiration of the president did not start the operation of the constitution. On 4th March, it was decided to follow the terms of the of the newly elected officials but in the Constitution was no specific date was mentioned for the federal elections. The second president election years was 1792. Then Congress had approved a law which was demanding for the presidential election and there it was said that the electors will be chosen during November or before December.
The term for the election was long and there was a 4-month gap between the presidential election and his inauguration. The situation became worse and it was difficult to manage everything within that period. Because according to the Article I, Section 4, Clause 2, it was mandatory to arrange the Congressional meeting in December of every year after the presidential election but the meeting was held on time and Congressional terms of office had expired. If the meeting did not hold in one December, then congress need to wait for the next December. It means it is necessary to wait for another year. So, all new member of the parliament could not start work until joining in the meeting. The meeting was essential for starting any work. It was decided to initiate a special session for the meeting before coming the next December of next year but it must not become a regular practice in spite of the Constitution allowed for the special session.
That year congress met for the short session but it was found that congress arranged the meeting for a long session. That year, the program was different than any other years. However, the newly elected official needs a long time usually several months to starts journey. There were several problems initiated for the wrong decision and wrong section and period. That is why it was important to fix the constitution and solve all of the problems. Then 20th amendment was initiated.
The 20th amendment was approved by many states at different times but most of the states approved the amendment within 1932 and 1933. Those states are Virginia, New York, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, New Jersey, South Carolina, Michigan, Maine, Rhode Island, Illinois, Louisiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Texas, Alabama, California, North Carolina, North Dakota, Minnesota, Arizona, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Oregon, Delaware, Washington, Wyoming, South Dakota, Tennessee, Idaho, New Mexico, Missouri, Missouri, Georgia, Ohio, Utah, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Colorado, Nevada, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maryland and Florida. Now in the whole USA, this amendment is followed and no serious problem is found in this amendment.
There is total 6 section in this amendment and it is necessary to know about those sections by all of the citizens. Although, it is very difficult to understand by all of the people because of wording. Amendment words are difficult to understand and general people do not get those words easily but it does not mean that they will leave it. The 20th amendment is not a part of the bill of the right or related with the US citizen right but it is important to understand for all of the USA citizens. There are many websites and experts where you can get help to understand the amendment. There are some forums where you can discuss the 20th amendment.
The 20th amendment is related to the presidential election which plays a major role in the USA and following the 20th amendment, the presidential selection occurs. That is why it is necessary to understand about this amendment for every people of the USA. Wikipedia is a good source of knowing history 20th amendment.

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