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1st amendment

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The 1st Amendment is related to the constitution and here we will talk about the constitution and amendment of the United States but before that, we will know the meaning of the amendment. An amendment is a change of constitution, legal documents, contract or law. The changes will be done by formally and written. In the amendment, new law or clause can be added, the old law may be removed or update any law. The change will be done after a proper review of the old legal paper what is necessary to change. The change is necessary to get the service better. There are many things related with the change of the amendment and it is related with the time.

The 1st Amendment is a part of the USA constitutions. By this constitution, it wants to prove that there is no concerning matter related with the religion, assembly, and expression. People can do their religion without any hinder and give their speech. They can get together if they need to do this. For ensuring the right of the USA people, the 1st Amendment was established. The religion gets the priority in this amendment where people can do follow their religion without any obligation. Another thing gets priority here that congress cannot force or support any specific religion. Any constitution will not support any specific religion or oppress any religion follower. In this case, all people will get the similar freedom to follow the religious rules, culture, and festival.

By the 1st Amendment, all people from different religions get the freedom in religion. No religion will be hampered by other religion. Government or congress cannot show any graveness to any religion. According to the 1st Amendment, every religious people can perform the religion according to the religious rules. This amendment is also called Free Exercise Clause. Under this amendment, it is not possible to stop any religion activity and harass any religions people for following the religion. The follower is protected by the 1st Amendment. So, by no mean like government and non-government, the religion follower will not be harassed.

In the 1st Amendment, there are few clauses are found which are parts of the 1st Amendment and play a major role in the amendments. Those are the Establishment Clause, the Free exercise clause, the right to the assemble and petition and free speech and the press. These things together are called 1st Amendment. If any clause or part is not followed properly, then the follower can be affected and do sue against the person or organization. The person must be not harassed for following his religion by any organization or person. However, it is necessary to understand this amendment by every people if they want to get benefit from the 1st Amendment. There are many websites and books available for helping people to understand the 1st Amendment. The wordings of the 1st Amendment are not very difficult. So, if you try to understand the 1st Amendment, you can understand it without the help of any expert.

The 1st Amendment was established on December 15, 1791, and it is one of the important amendment of the bill of right. At the beginning of the development of the 1st Amendment, it found that many government agencies did not respect the 1st Amendment and many religious people harassed by those agencies but later those problems are solved. Because government wanted to the establishment of the religion and it can happen if the government agencies start to follow. It was found that before the church was in the dominant position. So, other religion could not get the facilities but when the 1st Amendment was established, at the eye of the congress, every religion become equal.

Freedom of religion of the main thing of the 1st Amendment and it means that people can express their opinion and belief openly but they must not create any violation or offend social duties. The law does not interfere any religion or any religious activities. No, any religion will get blockage by the law or law will impose any restriction on any religious practice. According to the Freedom of religion or Free Exercise Clause of religion means the right of the religion people have religious beliefs which are absolute and the freedom to act on such beliefs is not absolute.

The freedom of the speech and press is another important clause of the 1st Amendment. If the clause is not put in the 1st Amendment, then the amendment remains incomplete. Under this clause, people can give speech openly or by the press. They can get any help from any media. There are mainly two types of medias like print media and another is telecommunications. By the freedom of the speech, it is permitted to use any media for creating public interest. It is also permitted to communicate with the foreign by any media like radio, wire, television, satellite, and cable. If you have any other wireless media or method, then you can use those methods too.

People can get together for any purpose and that gather does not face any problem if the congregation is peaceful. By the 1st Amendment, the government protects the two types of rights like assembly and petition. If the congregation is peaceful and no violation occurs, so no law enforcement team will take action against them. The congregation can complete their activities peacefully without making any chaos.

The assembly is another important right for every people for calming the right. In the assembly, more than one people can gather. In assembly, one or more person can talk and give a speech. It is not necessary the assembly should stay in one place. The right of the assembly is not to involve in non-verbal communication. There is another important term of the assembly is “sweat equity.” The government should protect the civil right in any ways. It is necessary to establish all right of the “bill of right” for keeping the people safe from every corner of the right.

In the 1st Amendment; Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly and Freedom to Petition the Government these 5 things are important things. If these things are ok, then it is easy to maintain the peace in the country. In this 1st Amendment, there are many things involved. Every civil or citizen of the United States, should study and learn about the rights. So, they can claim the right and ask for the help from the lawyer if they face any trouble if they have done everything properly according to the law or peacefully.

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