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It is necessary to describe the amendment first before describing and discussing the 18th amendment. The amendment may use for minor or more change in the document, law, and contract. It is possible to bring something new and remove anything from the legal document, contract, constitution by the amendment. The best legal way of bringing change in the document or constitution is an amendment. If the change is done according to the law, then there is no problem is found in the amendment. However, if you get any problem in the published amendment after review, then you can add another amendment. In the upcoming paragraph, we will learn about the 18th amendment.
In the USA, everything is not permitted to do and to eat. There are some rules follow for doing anything and making anything. The 18th amendment is part of the banning law. The 18th amendment describes the Prohibition of alcohol making and drinking of an alcoholic is illegal. The 18th amendment is the complete law of making and drinking of alcohol and anyone break the law, then the punishment will be provided by the government according to the law. In the below paragraph, details of the 18th amendment will be discussed.
The Eighteenth Amendment (Amendment XVIII) or 18th amendment of the United States Constitution is an important amendment which described the law of making and drinking alcoholic. It is necessary for all of the countries to forbid the drinking and make of alcohol. This amendment strictly established the prohibition related alcohol and other alcoholic beverages in the USA. The 18th amendment described and distribution about the alcohol transport, production, and sale. There are some other rules included in the amendment what are used as exemption and punishment. The additional act Volstead Act was set for the 18th amendment for enforcing this amendment.
In many countries, it is totally forbidden to make and drink alcohol. The prohibition on the alcohol eat and make by the law and religion and this prohibition is applicable all in Arabian and Muslim countries. However, this 18th amendment was certified in 1919 and applied on 16th January 1920. In the Volstead Act, alcohol, and other alcoholic beverages are also defined as intoxicating liquors and those prohibited but the prohibition will be exempted if the alcohol is used for the medical and religious purpose only. From this prohibition, many people became happy and unhappy.
It was difficult to apply the probation in the USA. The prohibition was for 13 years and this prohibition was limited by the Volstead Act. Some politicians who were corrupted started to smuggling and illegal manufacturing the alcohol and other types of alcoholic beverage. The 18th amendment was revoked completely for this issue in 1933 by the 21st amendment. The 21st amendment was the amendment which was used for canceling another amendment. In USA history, this method was the first applied by the 21st amendment for eradicating the 18th amendment.
The text of the 18th was written in 3 sections and are Section 1. After one year from the ratification of this article the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all the territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes is hereby prohibited. Section 2. The Congress and the several States shall have concurrent power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. Section 3. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of the several States, as provided in the Constitution, within seven years from the date of the submission hereof to the States by the Congress.
It is necessary to describe those sections to understand detail about the 18th amendment. Due to the 18th amendment, many people became aggressive and the temperance movement in the United States. That time was difficult to manage the aggression. In many states, alcohol was prohibited to drink and make but the consumption of alcohol was not strictly prohibited in the household. The congress faced the problem. Because they could not stop drinking and manufacturing alcohol completely and general people disobey the 18th amendment.
The senate passed the similar the 18th amendment on August 1917. Then resolution got to vote 65 to 20. It means that congress members did not agree with that resolution again. On 17th December 1917, The House of Representatives approved a reviewed resolution. The same thing happened again here. The vote reduced from 282 to 128. There were 4 independent votes were held but every time the result was minimum to pass the resolution. Later the 18th amendment and Volstead Act did not ban to drink of the alcohol but it was difficult to carry and store legally for the 18th amendment and Volstead Act.
There were some states where the proposal was sanctioned the 18th amendment quickly. Those states are Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Carolina, Maryland, Montana, Illinois, Texas, Delaware, South Dakota, Massachusetts, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Iowa, Idaho, Maine, West Virginia, California, Washington, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Alabama, Colorado, New Hampshire, Oregon, Utah, Nebraska, Missouri, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Mexico, North Carolina, Nevada, New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. But Connecticut and Rhode Island states rejected to approve the 18th amendment.
Due to the 18th amendment and other legislation, in some states, general people stopped consuming alcohol. Low income group did not like to buy expensive alcohol and they stopped consuming the alcohol but when alcohol was manufactured underworld and importing smuggling, then consumption of the alcohol was increased. “rotgut” alcohol. It was found that that overall crime activity got the effect from the 18th amendment. The crime related to the alcohol smuggling and manufacturing was seriously increased. That types of criminal activity became criminal syndicates. They were able to take action like uneven enforcement. Even they became overwhelmed by the police force. Criminal and corruptible officers from different department created the powerful and murderous zone. Some people and organization who were used and consumed alcohol joined with the criminal activity. The size of the gang was increased and power of the gang was raised.
That is why the 21st amendment was created to save the 18th amendment and make the amendment applicable. The 21st amendment was related to the 18th amendment for probation of the alcohol. The 21st amendment was approved on 5 December 1933. This 21st amendment became different and unique amendment due to supporting the 18th amendment. The 18th amendment and the 21st amendment has many similarities. Under the different circumstances, the law became relaxes and permitted to use and consume alcohol.
It is necessary to respect the law of all people and if the product is harmful, then people should not allow or use it like alcohol. As Alcohol is harmful to human body, so it is good if they avoid it willingly. However, people of the USA should study on the 18th and 21st amendment to identify the reason for banning alcohol. From the amendments, people can learn about the special law.

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