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16th amendment

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The amendment is an important thing for correcting the legal document and fixing the law. This is the only way of changing the law, contract, constitution and legal documentations. This procedure is a very oldest method of changing or editing in the law, contract, constitution and legal documentations It is the very common procedure. In the amendment of the constitution, it is possible to add and remove clause by adding another clause. By the amendment, many issues can be easily solved without making another law. When an amendment is created, then another clause is included for making a change in the law. The 16th amendment is such type of the thing. This amendment plays important role in the American constitution.
The Sixteenth Amendment (Amendment XVI) is also written as 16th Amendment. This amendment is the part of the United States Constitution. This amendment provides the power to the federal government to earn money from the tax and it is the way to collect income tax. Income tax is a way of the earning for every country and it is possible to earn money from the income tax which spends for developing the country. This method is running in every country for a long time. However, by the 16th amendment, the federal government can collect income tax on and other taxes on different sections like rent, dividends, and interest. This amendment was developed on 3rd February 1913.
Income tax is a good way of earning and it is available in the USA now but once it was not permitted in the USA. Then direct tax was only allowed to take from different sources but after the 16th amendment, it was possible to collect the income tax. Now in the USA, federal government collect the income tax as well as a direct tax what are used for developing the USA.
The texts of the 16th amendment are different. The text of the amendment does not match with the general language. The text of the 16th amendment “The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”.
There are some clauses and sections found related to the taxes. According to the Article I, Section 2, Clause 3; the direct tax and representative were implemented in many states which may include with the Union. The 16th Amendment. According to the Article I, Section 8, Clause 1; The congress has the power of collection the duties, taxes, exercise, and imposts. The earning from the duties, taxes, exercise, and imposts are used for common defense and general Welfare. According to the Article I, Section 9, Clause 4; No Levy or Tax or other direct shall be placed, unless in proportion to the Enumeration or Census in this before directed to be taken. According to the Article I, Section 9, Clause 5; No Duty or Tax shall be placed on Articles spread from any State.
In 1894, the amendment was connected with the Wilson–Gorman Tariff Act and then 2% was income tax. The income tax was collected by the federal government and it was the good supporting amount for the South and it was also a supporter of eastern North Central states. But people from the Far West and the Northeastern States were against of this income tax. It was chosen on the property as certain income and taxes based on the 1894 Act which was known as unconstitutionally un-apportioned direct taxes. It was found that reasoning was related to the taxes which was based on the different subjects like stocks, and so forth, fraught the property.
During the year 1913, the customs duties (tariffs) and excise taxes were the common and primary way of earning of the federal earning. The Secretary of the Treasury Alexander J. Dallas proposed first for the income tax and it held in 1812, during the war. But then the proposal was not accepted or passed. By the Revenue Act of 1861, the congress first introduced the income tax to collect fund for the Civil war. Then it levied a flat tax and it implemented if earning was above than 800 USD. For the over 800 USD, the income tax was 3 percent. Then the same year, the act got a name as Revenue Act of 1862. The was a guaranteed earning for the federal government on income over $600. In that act, it was added that the income tax will be terminated in 1866 and the income tax for the civil war was terminated in 1872.
From the incomes tax, 60 percent total review was collected from the New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts states. It was a very attractive earning way. Due to the exemption of the earning from income tax of the after the Civil war government lost a huge amount. The Greenback movement, the Populist Party, the Labor Reform Party the Democratic Party and other political parties called this earning as a guaranteed income tax. As the income on the income was guaranteed and it was not a good decision to stop this earning. So, the federal government decided to adopt the income tax and 16th amendment made it possible.
An amendment was created as a draft and it was proposed on the income tax. In 1909, the President William Howard Taft proposed 2% tax on the income of the corporation. The income tax amendment was proposed by the 1st senator Norris Brown of Nebraska as a draft. He submitted the proposal in two different parts. So, every states together adopted this amendment on the income tax. It held slowly and in different times. As it is a good source of the earning, so many people and states agreed with the amendment but some people demanded that the poor people would be infected from the amendment. But there was no better opportunity of earning money. Some people and political parties included that price of products would be infected due to the tax on the income. There were many limitations in the economy and society which hampered for the development of the society.
Those states what accepted the 16th amendment in different times and those states are Kentucky, Alabama, South Carolina, Illinois, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Maryland, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Indiana, California, Nevada, South Dakota, Nebraska, North Carolina, Colorado, North Dakota, Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Maine, Tennessee, Arkansas, Wisconsin, New York, Arizona, Minnesota, Louisiana, West Virginia, New Mexico Delaware and other.
All citizen of the United States should understand all of the amendments and as the 16th amendment is related to the income tax. So, they should understand it clearly.

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