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15th amendment

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The 15th amendment is important of the U.S constitution and it plays a big role in the USA. The amendment is called correction in general form and this method is a legal method of correcting the legal documentation, contract, constitution law etc. Everything is done under the law and based on the need, it is possible to add, edit or remove any clause or statement. When the amendment is developed, then no statement or clause permanently removed or deleted from the paper. Keeping the old clauses in the legal paper or constitution, by adding another clause, it is possible to bring change in the constitution or legal paper.
The 15th amendment is one of the Reconstruction Amendments and it was developed for ensuing right of the U.S citizen as a voter. By the amendment of 15th, in the constitution got to change and improved. This amendment describes the right to the voters equally irrespective of color or race or whether they had been slaves. People of the USA got right equally in the voting system and there was no restriction and discrimination based on the race and color. Even those people who were slave could join in the voting system. It was necessary to confirm the voting system among all of the races and colors. The discrimination among all of the U.S citizen vanished and it was proved by the voting.
The Fifteenth Amendment (Amendment XV) or 15th amendment is related to the reconstruction amendment and by this amendment, it was prohibited the state government or federal from denying the citizens of the U.S the right to vote based on that U.S. citizen’s color, race or previous condition of slavery. This amendment was approved on3rd February 1870. This 15th amendment was the third and last amendment of the Reconstruction Amendments. This amendment survived USA from the tarnished history of the USA where human rights were unfitted. At the final state of the Reconstruction Era and the American Civil War were followed. Then it was questing about the right of the black former slaves. They could not join in the voting and million former slaves had no right to give votes.
When the 15th amendment was passed, then all U.S citizen got the right as a citizen. All people got equal protection from the law and under the law. The former president Ulysses S. Grant confirmed from the election that most of the voters were black and they were convinced in 1868. Then all of the parties understood that black voters are important for the party and future voting issues. Then congress proposed the encompassed amendment of banning the restriction on the rare and color of the citizen. After several attempts and difficulties, the amendment was survived. Otherwise, it was very difficult to approve the amendment and it was adopted on 30th March 1870.
It was decided to interpret the amendment narrowly at the late 19th century according to the United States Supreme Court decisions. From 1890 to 1910, the new state constitutions and state laws including such as poll taxes and biased literacy tests to the most of the black voters from the South were successfully disenfranchised and white voters were exempted by grandfather clauses.
The text of the 15th amendment is divided in to different sections. There are two sections are
Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
This amendment is connected with other amendments which were related to the voting and other constitution and right. Although, this amendment is different than the Bill of right but this amendment talks about the right of the human being which were the main hindrance in the human right. In 1865, the congress passed a bill and it was called Civil Rights Act of 1866. In this act, it was guaranteed to give the right equally without any condition or without favor to color, race or previous condition or state of slavery or involuntary servitude. Congress became debate subject when the bills were passed on the right of the black and former slaves according to the 1865 Thirteenth and 1863 Emancipation Proclamation amendments. Now all people got the equal right in voting. By the 15the amendment, the bill confirmed equal benefit and using the law for all race.
The 15 amendment was applicable in many states and many states disobey the amendment. Then there were many things what were related to the 15th amendment for moderating and negotiating. Then one source of opposition group demanded about the of the women’s suffrage movement and it was a common issue before and after the Civil War. This amendment is connected with the 14th amendment and it had relation to other matters. The 14the amendment had to lack and that was it was protected by the male citizen of the USA. The civil rights divorced from those black people. All of the problems were minimized by the 15th amendment.
There were several states where the 15th amendment was approved in different time. Those states are Nevada, West Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Maine, Massachusetts, Arkansas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Connecticut, Florida, New Hampshire, Virginia, Vermont, Alabama, Missouri, Minnesota, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas Ohio, Georgia and Iowa. Later some other states approved the 15th amendment and those are New Jersey, Delaware, Oregon, California, Maryland, Kentucky, and Tennessee.
There were many other things also involved in the 15th amendment and which ere related with the reconstruction and post reconstruction. When the black and previous slave people got a chance to give a vote, then many things were changed. Influence of the black people increased and influence of white people decreased. Even those black people kept influence on the different political parties. They started to learning and taking education and they participated in different systems. Violation increased and white people formed lynch mobs. It was difficult to maintain the society. After several years and after several attempts, it was possible to fix all of the issues.
It is necessary to lean detail of the amendment of the 15th. As a citizen of the United States, it is compulsory to learn and understand all things about the amendment. As a general people and not a lawyer, you may not understand the amendment easily because of the difficult wording but you should try to understand by the help of experts and websites.

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