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14th amendment

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The 14th amendment is an amendment of the constitution of the United States and it is not connected with the Bill of right. The amendment is the legal way of correction the legal paper or document, constitution and contract. The edit, add and remove the method of the amendment. In the genuine legal paper, it is not possible to erase any statement or word. It is necessary to keep the old statement and line but by adding the statement (Clause), it is possible to change in the amendment. The change of the amendment comes after the review of the old clauses. The 14th Amendment is also an amendment which is the result of the change of old clause.
The 14th amendment is the main part of the U.S constitution and some legal issues are involved in this amendment. This amendment was developed for the U.S Citizen. Although, this amendment is not a part of the Bill of right which is directly connected with the U.S. citizen but this 14th amendment is also connected with the citizen. In the 14th amendment, it is defined about the U.S citizenship where facilities of the U.S citizenship also described. In the 14th amendment, it is forbidden the states from dropping the rights of U.S. citizens and ensures each U.S. citizen has the right to due process and the equal defense of the law. So, the Fourteenth Amendment (Amendment XIV) or 14the amendment plays very important role in U.S. A. This amendment became part of the U.S Constitution since 9th July 1868. This amendment is one of the parts of the Reconstruction Amendments. In the Reconstruction Amendments, you will get a 13th, 14th and 15th amendment.
The 14th amendment confirms the security from the law and other benefits of the U.S citizens. This amendment was proposed following the American Civil War. The 14th amendment was the response for solving the slave issue from the American Civil War. This 14th amendment was the good solution for various problems related to the U.S. citizens and slavery. If anyone is U.S. citizen, then they will get some benefits, right and legal support and 14th amendment define in details. Some people opposed the 14th amendment and they wanted a review on a different point of views. This amendment was bitterly opposed in the Southern State most. That is why the amendment was ratified quickly for them to reclaim representation in Congress.
In the 14th amendment, there are some parts which are divided into some sections. The 1st section is the most important part which cannot be ignored and other section is also important but not like this one. In the 1st section of the constitution, the forming of the basis for the landmark decision was chosen. In the 1st section, there are many clauses included and those are the Citizenship Clause, Due to Process Clause, Privileges or Immunities Clause and Equal Protection Clause. The citizenship is a broad thing and in this clause, you will get more things. This clause is very strong and by this clause, the deprived people gets their life, property or liberty without legislative authorization from the states and local government officials. By the approval of the 14th amendment, the other amendments like Bill of rights were established. By all of the process, the state and country would be satisfied. In the USA, the slavery was the Stigmatized chapter of the US history and the Stigmatized chapter was closed by the ratifying the 14th amendment.
It is necessary to confirm the equal protection for all of the US citizen and in all of the states. It happened under the law and all people within the jurisdiction. The 1st clause of the 14th amendment has been rejected illogical and superfluous discrimination of the U.S citizens who were belonging to different groups. The other sections of the amendment are not directly related to the 1st one. The 1st section described the humanity and right of the people who are from the lower classes or groups. It has ensured the right of the people as a U.S. Citizen. In the 14th amendment, dismiss the slavery and other forced labor or other types of discriminations. After the approval of the 14th amendment, people stated to enjoy the humanity and right in the USA.
The text of the 14th Amendment in different 5 sections and those present right and other things of the clauses. It is necessary to read those section and understand those. We know about the 1st section where human rights as a U.S. citizenship was confirmed and life, liberty, or property were enjoyed without the help of any law. In section 2, voting matters, taxation, and related things are discussed. In section 3, the definition of the Senator or Representative was descried. Here it is said who are eligible to be Senator or Representative and who cannot be. No civil cannot be Senator or Representative for supporting constitution until he is from any office of military or civil. It is allowed to be a Senator or Representative or elector who have taken oat before as a member of congress. Section 4 describes the debt, obligation etc. In section 5, the power of the congress is described for the appropriate legislation and the provisions of this article to enforce. Including all of those sections (from 1 to 5), the 14th amendment was formed.
The 14th amendment has changed the history in the USA. The USA became a complete country where liberty and right are found successfully. During the American Civil War and the Reconstruction Era, the proposal was formed and then it was decided to create the 14the amendment what was necessary for the United States. Congress passed the right and it was called Civil Rights Act of 1866. In this amendment, it was described the equality of race, color and other condition what form the slavery or forced labor. Before there were 70 proposals what were drafted and then it was a discussing matter related to the citizens barred from voting. Voting was another right and it was confirmed by the 14th amendment.
Illinois, Ohio, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Tennessee, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont, New York, West Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas, Maine, Nevada, Indiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana and South Carolina approved the amendment in different years and later some other states approved the amendment subsequently and those states are Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Mississippi, Texas, Delaware, Maryland, California and Kentucky.
It is necessary for all of the U.S citizens to learn about the 14th and other amendments which are directly and indirectly related to the right of the U.S citizen.

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