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12th amendment

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The 12th amendment or Twelfth Amendment (Amendment XII) is related to the United States Constitution. This amendment is a legal way of fixing some problems of the amendment which have been found after research or reviewed. The Amendment is the only way for fixing the issue of the contract, constitute, and legal paper. This change is done un the law. The Amendment can be fixed by the added clause, remove or change few things. When the amendment is done or change, then all text does not change. There is some portion will change. These change will be done after reviewing the amendment by the experts or congress.
The 12th amendment of the United States explain the rules and law of the election of the United State. According to the 12th amendment, it is talked about the election of the President and Vice President. After being created the 12th amendment, there are some articles and clauses disrupted or ceased. This article and clauses were functioned by the United States Electoral College. This United States Electoral College is the body of the election of President and Vice President of the United States after every four years. Citizen of the United States for not give the vote to the president and vice president directly. Those citizens select elector and those electors give the vote to the specific candidates.
The election is an important thing for the United States and this is a long time procedure. That is why a correct amendment is created for the election. It is necessary to confirm the fair of the election. However, in this case, the electors play an important role. That is why, a citizen of United States need to select a correct person as an elector who will give a vote for the president and vice president. Voters select the electors for all of the states. States voters chose electors for that state. In the USA, there are 50 states including Washington, D.C. which is formally called the District of Columbia.
The number of the electors are equal to the all of the 50 states and equal to the numbers of the members of the congress. In the12th amendment, you will get all of these rules and laws properly. Washington DC is different than other states. In this state has Same numbers of electors as the least of the population of the state. For this state, three electors are mainly set. Now there are total 538 electors in all of the states. There are 435 representatives and 100 senators as regular as well as 3 additional electros are chosen from the District of Colombia. From the Constitution bars, any federal official may be elected or selected, from being an elector.
But Maine and Nebraska are different. We know that electors are chosen in every state but not form Maine and Nebraska states. In all states, all electors are chosen based on winner-take-all and this procedure was started since the 1880s. From the vote of the states, the electors are chosen. The winner is found from the most of the votes of the election from the votes. But Maine and Nebraska states, the electors are chosen like congressional district method. In this process, one elector will be chosen from each congressional district based on the popularity by the vote and select the elector from the remaining two electors according to the statewide popular vote. There is no elector is required by the federal to honor a recruit. There are some specific occasions when an elector can be voted contrary to an initiate.
By the 12th amendment, we can know how a president and a vice president can be chosen. There are many rules specified about the election of the presider and the vice president. Out of the 12th amendment, no additional rules can be set for the election. However, for casting a president and vice president each elector needs to collect a vote for the president as well as another vote for the vice president. Thus the vote will be collected properly. Based on the majority of the vote, the president, and vice president is selected. In the 12th amendment, there are many additional clauses included what help to solve the problem related with the election problems.
The candidate will provide the vote for the office of the president or of the vice president to elected to the office. From the 12th amendment, it is possible to solve the case if the Electoral College flops to elect a president or a vice president or If no candidate obtains majority votes for the president, then the House of Representatives will be selected as the president auto by each state delegation and he needs only one vote to be a president of the United States. If no candidate is found to receive majority votes for the position of vice president, then the Senate will be selected as a vice president by the votes of the senator and he needs also one vote to be a vice president. This amendment is not away from the debates and many problems are found in this 12th amendment but there are few complains about this amendment.
There are many things are involved in the election and those are an appointment, selection, and meeting. Those things we did by the elector of each parties following the rules of the 12th amendments. If the elector is faithless and he cast votes for someone other than any person. In this case, the court can be involved.
When the election is near, the all of the political parties start to campaign for their favor and this campaign held for all of the countries. This process has been held for a long time. There were some problems held in the election of the 1796 and 1800. Then President and vice president became from opponent parties and the situation was difficult to pass for the people of USA. Their works were not similar and no one supports another. So, the development process of the United States became slower. That is why it was difficult to bear by the general people. For solving the problem, the amendment was revised and fixed many problems. This 12th amendment has some relation to the 14th amendment and at the 14th amendment, we will discuss detail about the 14th amendment.
Briefing of the 14th amendment: It is a reconstruction of the amendment. By this amendment, some issues of the of the different amendment are fixed. If people of different states denies giving a vote, then some actions will be taken to encourage them to give a vote and those are specified in the 14th amendment clearly.

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