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10th amendment

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The 10th amendment is one of the Bill of Rights. The amendment is the legal ways to change the law, constitution, contract etc. The amendment is used for fixing the law, constitution, contract etc. The 10th amendment is the constitution of the United States. This amendment was created on December 15, 1791. The 10th amendment is created due to the managing the power of the Federal government. States are very concerned about the power of the Federal government. By this amendment, states wanted to assure that civil did not effect by the power of the federal government. It is just a protection from the states for the people from the federal government. This is the concept of the federalism. It is found that government and states. If the power is not controlled, then it can be a serious problem. That is why the 10th amendment was developed. In the 10th amendment is the concept for maintaining the power of the government and power.

The 10th amendment has the power to control the government power. This is used for restriction the power of the government. So, the people will remain safe from the biased government. Due to the 10th amendment, the government cannot impose any illegal power on the people. The citizens of the United States government remain safe any illegal attacking. According to the 10th amendment “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The citizen of the United States does not face any dangerous situation from the states or government power. The government cannot exercise the power on the people showing illegal reason. The United States Constitution is hinder between the people and states and government power. People face any problem from the government organization or states, then he can ask for help from the court according to United States Constitution based on the 10th amendment.

The 10th amendment is almost similar to the previous constitutions where every state retains sovereignty, and independence, freedom, and every power, jurisdiction, and right. The 10th amendment does not create blockage for the government and other states organization to use the power on the people but the United States Constitution wants to confirm that the power does not use illegally. The government should use the power in right way. If it is not, then the problem can be so serious and harmful for the people.

The government has numerated power and it is necessary to control. By the 10th amendment, the power of the government has been restricted and controlled. The 10th amendment is designed in this way that when it is necessary for the government to use the highest power, then they can use the power. It will be possible if the U.S. Constitution gives the permission. If the power is not gone back to the government, then the government will lose power and it cannot work properly. Many tasks cannot be done without using power and that time the U.S. Constitution can give back the power to the government and states.

The amendment was created in 1787 and then it was very difficult to understand the amendment and constitutions. Then the amendment was mainly known as a bill of right. Then the members of the constitutions want to get a constitution what everybody can understand. If the constitution was unknown to identify, so it was very dangerous and it is not understandable, then the government can use the power on the people without barrier like before. When it is found that government cannot use the power on the people unnecessarily, then people become safe.

It is also a concerning matter that government becomes powerless and in many cases, the government cannot take any action for various purpose. The government had power but now the government cannot implement rules and regulation in many places where it is necessary to do.

It is also forbidden to take control or do anything else on the state employment or in the commerce area. The right is typically reserved to the state and only supreme court can rule on the matter or on the employment. But according to the law, it is possible for the congress to do action and show power against the private companies. The congress can show the power for the main possible thing which can be impaired of the state by the company.

In 1985, It was found that few companies ruling over the many employees badly. Those companies did not give over time and wage to the employer. In that time, it was difficult for the employees to live life and sustain the situation. In that situation, there was no way of maintaining over the companies by the government organization like United States Department of Labor. Then FLSA needs to take action under legal ways.

The commerce clause was changed for solving many things. The complex economy was difficult to maintain and changes raised. In the 20th century, the Congress and the Supreme Court had the power to maintain the national economy. During the world war II, the court decided to rule over the federal regulations of wheat production what was grown for the home consumption.     At the time, it was permitted for the farmers to consume their own wheat. That time many things changed and felt the effect on the economy of the United States. That time many government organizations did many errors and many people got suffered by the government organization. It was difficult to incur the loss for those people. That is why the Drug Enforcement Administration destroyed the medical cannabis of a woman in California without any notice and the woman sued against the Drug Enforcement Administration but medical cannabis was permitted to use in California. Medical cannabis planted for the woman own consumption. And it was permitted to use by anyone. The court has found Amendment a license to create hinder and implements the national authority.

Now there are many websites where it is possible to learn about the amendments. Every citizen of USA needs to learn about the amendment. There are many facts of the tenth amendment and every citizen also need to know those facts to learn. Those facts are mainly 4. The 10th amendment is created by the U.S. Constitution by James Madison and he developed the amendment. The federalism is a good example of the tenth amendment. By the 10th amendment, the government’s power was controlled. It was the only amendment what can control the government’s power. However, this amendment is very powerful and it is necessary to know the detail of the 10th amendment.



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