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27th amendment

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There are some amendments of Us constitution and from one to twelve amendments are the parts of the Bill of rights what were related with the common people of USA. The 27th amendment is not related to the Bill of right and it is related to the common people. The 27th amendment is related to the members of Congress and it is related to the salary. The amendment is the legal way of changing or fixing of law, contract and constitution or legal paper. In the amendment, the total words or statements do not change. Some words or lines are added or change for making the contract, constitution or legal paper perfect. Everything will be under law and some rules.
The 27th Amendment is the part of the United States Constitutions. In the 27th Amendment, it is found about the salary of the member of the congress. The increase and decrease of the salary are the main issues of the 27th Amendment. This amendment does not take effect until start the next session of the of office representative. It was proposed first but it is the latest amendment. This is a very important amendment and this is why it was proposed first.
This 27th Amendment was submitted to the congress on 25th September 1789 and it was related to the 11th amendment. The bill of the right were the 10 to 12 amendments. The 27th amendment was proposed by the Congressional Apportionment Amendment and it was not ratified by enough states. This amendment was proposed in the bill of rights amendment. But congress almost forgot about the creating of the 27th Amendment until 1982. By the Gregory Watson who was a student of the University of Texas at Austin researched and began to campaign for the approval. On 5th May 1992, this 27th Amendment became the part of the congress. On 5th May 1992, it approved by the congress of the United States.
The text of the 27th amendment is “No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.”
Before there are many amendments was proposed by the North Carolina ratifying the convention and Virginia’s ratifying convention also suggested the different amendment. North Carolina ratifying convention proposed the law “The laws ascertaining the compensation of senators and representatives, for their services, shall be postponed in their operation until after the election of representatives immediately succeeding the passing thereof; that excepted which shall first be passed on the subject.” New York’s declaration of ratification also proposed the same proposal amendment of Virginia’s ratifying convention.
The 27th amendment is a unique type of amendment and it is a very ancient proposed amendment which took 200 years to see the light of the pass. The U.S congress has power related with the salary worried with the original author. When the amendment passes, it became a controversial issue. Many states started to debate about the approval of the 27th amendment. Then Maryland, North Carolina, Delaware, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia sanctioned the 27th amendment.
There is an important term found in the 27th amendment and that is COLA. The word COLA means A cost of living adjustment. By the COLA, it is possible to permit the salaries to raise if the purchasing power of money goes down. The 27th amendment has the power to control the salary based on COLA. The Supreme Court most of the times refuge to listen to the right of the congress of salaries related with the COLA. COLA is the way of increase salary of the congress but does not work for general people when purchase power of the money goes down.
The 27th amendment reduced the power of the congress members for passing the law of related salary. They could increase the salary and it was easy once but the 27th amendment limited their power of members of the congress. So, they cannot make any change as they wish in the salary. For the approval of the 27th amendment, many people become happy and many people are depressed. Congress men are not happy and they cannot increase the salary as they wish but general people become happy. It was necessary to approve the amendment from a long time ago. Some people argue that every people work for money and there is nothing wrong if congress men want to increase the salary.
The 27th amendment could see the light of pass by the Watson but he got grade C in assignment paper by the teaching assistant. She disagreed with the Watson. In the assignment paper, Watson included equal rights in the amendment and it was necessary. However, the amendment turned to another amendment. The Congressional Pay Amendment found the amendment correct and they decided to ratify it. In an email, Watson said that this amendment took his 10 years.
The attitude of the congress was to ignore the 27th amendment and at first, they did not give much attention. Watson harassed by different ways for this amendment. However, the amendment text of the 27th was verified in 1992 and this amendment was prosed in 1789. In that proposal, it is said that varying. It is said that salary was not increasing and it was just verifying. In the 27th amendment, all of the processes of the increase of the salary was prevented from increasing.
In the USA, there are some laws what some people like and those are banning gay marriage, forbidden desecration of the American flag and allowing prayer in school. Sometimes, this law helps in the political purpose and somethings these work against politics. Sometimes, it is necessary to change and edit the amendment but the change the be good for one party or the change can be bad for other parties.
There is another 27th amendment which is connected with the Ireland. That 27th amendment was provided by the Constitution of Ireland. This amendment of the Ireland it is related right of the general people who become parents and children in the foreign national. Those children cannot come to a citizen of the Ireland. This 27th constitution is affected the Twenty-seventh Amendment of the Constitution Act, 2004. By the 19th amendment, the 27th amendment was changed somewhat. The constitutional right is available for those people to be a citizen and other cannot become a citizen in Ireland. Many people of the Ireland like this amendment and some other people opposed oft his amendment. But most of the people like this amendment and they voted for this amendment. More than 79% people voted for Yes. There were 3041688 numbers of voters.
First, it is necessary to learn the amendment from the experts. Because some amendments are difficult to understand. Because there are some legal terms what people do not understand and those terms need detail explanation. There are some websites where you may get some help to understand. This article helps you to understand of the 27th amendment of the American constitution and some about the 27th amendment of the constitution of the Ireland.